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In the early nineteen-nineties I started harvesting Walnut Burls from California, USA.  A skill my grandfather began to teach me at age 9.  After just a few short years of starting my walnut burl business, I began to also harvest many other burl species including but not limited to; Maple, Madrone, Redwood, Eucalyptus and Sycamore.

I supply burl wood worldwide to Veneer companies specializing in the manufacturing industries of luxury automobiles, yachts, and private aircrafts, as well as fine furniture.  My company is recognized for superior ingenuity of meeting proper specifications when supplying burls, as each burl is completely unique in design.  This requires detailed attention and significant experience when fulfilling and meeting the specs of an order correctly.

I have a field team with a total combined experience of 25+ years in harvesting and preparing burls and logs for market.  I take pride in every project, whether it is a lower craft grade order, or a higher superior grade that is needed. I provide services for a wide range of companies, from mini projects for the mom & pop local craftsman, to worldwide large corporate companies.  Each has a place here at Brush Hardwoods.

Throughout my 25+ years in this industry, we have been blessed in our business allowing me to expand into the log and timber industry on the West Coast, East Coast, & Exotics from Mexico and Central America.

It is always my intention to develop a business relationship of supply and demand that will continually offer profit margins of sustainability for both my customer and my business.  My name is Erick Brush and I sincerely look forward to doing business with you.

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